With Valley Haggard & Bird Cox

Vision Quest
with Valley Haggard

Monday + Tuesday, July 2-3
10 am - 3 pm
Guest Surrealist: Mike Dulin

Witch, Please
with Bird Cox

Thursday + Friday, July 5-6
10 am - 3 pm
Guest poet: Allison Titus


You're technically an adult... but you know you want to go back to summer camp!
Join Valley Haggard and Bird Cox this July for summer camp beyond your wildest dreams. Explore, create, write, and dream to your heart's content.
Walking field trips, lanyards, snacks, and tick checks are included. Pasta art is not. 
Join us this summer for a camp so special you'll want to return next year...
with all of your friends.  See you in July! 

Adult Summer Camp.JPG