Submission Process

We are delighted you're interested in publishing with Life in 10 Minutes Press!

We are currently accepting new manuscripts as partnership-publishing projects. In partnership-publishing (also called “hybrid publishing”) an author makes an upfront financial investment in their book and in exchange receives a larger share of profits from sales than they would through traditional publishing arrangements.

Our 2018-2019 rate for partnership-published books is $3,900. Our authors who publish through this arrangement are paid 60% of net profits on their books. An outline of what you get with our partner-publishing model can be found here.


Our Spring Reading Period is now closed. Please check back for our next opening reading period.

All submitted manuscripts are carefully considered by an independent reading committee made up of writers, teachers, and dedicated readers.


When you submit your manuscript, you also have the option to apply for one of our need-based scholarships to help cover some of the cost of publishing. Receiving a scholarship does not affect what you will make on your book, but you will be required to supply a short statement of need with your manuscript submission to be considered for financial assistance.

If you would like to donate to the L10 Press to support our projects including need-based scholarships, visit our donation page.

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