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Share your 10 minutes of writing with me! How? Set a timer. Write for ten minutes, by hand without stopping. Type it up. Does it need an edit? Edit for 10 minutes. This is about the process of writing, of remembering, of spilling our guts, of looking within ourselves and our lives. It's not about perfect, polished sentences, morals or neat conclusions tied up in a bow. I love works that are surprising, deep, weird, funny, honest, bizarre, emotional, brave. Tell a story. Make a confession. Navel gaze. Self indulge. Get detailed. Push up against your comfort zone. Remember. Tell the truth. Go there. Go deeper. How will we know how much time you spent on your piece? Honor system! Intentionally inflammatory, racist, sexist, homophobic or animal-bashing material will not be accepted. Because, duh.

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