Surrender Your Weapons

Surrender Your Weapons


Of all the lessons I’ve needed to learn as a writer and a human being, Surrender Your Weapons  resurfaces most. Weapons take many forms and manifestations, many of which we wield against ourselves. Judgment, comparison, impossible expectations, perfectionism, doubt, insecurity, destructive behavior, self-sabotage. Surrender Your Weapons began as the first rule of The Halfway House and grew until it became a book all its own. When we surrender our weapons, our true writing and our true selves begin to emerge in our lives and on the page in a way that is brave, beautiful and true.

Surrender Your Weapons is a marriage of selections from my own memoir and a guide for writing, exploring themes and threads that have emerged classes, workshops and retreats.

It is a guide for writing your story while showing you how I wrote mine. I hope that you, like me, find healing along the way. 

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