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ACtivist Notebook

After giving a TED Talk in the fall of 2018, Henry Haggard decided to create the simple how-to-get-started-in-activism guide that he’d wished he’d had himself.

The Activist Notebook is a direct and thought-provoking guide to both accessing your political passion and changing the world, one person at a time.


Traveling the River

Debut poetry collection by Hope Whitby.

“As serious as a heart attack, as tender as love’s flutters in the chest or a chihuahua’s first trembling bath, the vital core of this book is haiku. In Hope Whitby’s hands (as Mary Oliver has said in another context), the form is ‘a doorway into thanks.’... Here’s a new poet, a poet on her way to ‘a new moon [that] still shines.’”— RON SMITH, POET LAUREATE OF VIRGINIA 2014-2016


Surrender Your Weapons: Writing to Heal

“Of all the lessons I’ve needed to learn as a writer and a human being, Surrender Your Weapons resurfaces most. When we surrender our weapons, our true writing and our true selves begin to emerge in our lives and on the page in a way that is brave, beautiful and true.”

A marriage of selections from Valley’s memoir and a guide for writing, Surrender Your Weapons explores themes and threads that have emerged in Valley’s classes, workshops and retreats.


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Unspoken Anthology

Unspoken is a long overdue anthology, gathering the voices of over forty writers whose lives have been affected by infertility, pregnancy loss, and infant death.

From the chronicle of a father’s love for his lost daughter to poetry exploring the journey of a woman supporting her wife through IVF, from the terror of losing a pregnancy to the heartbreak of twins born too early to survive, from an essay on loss across the generations of one family to the impossible choices and impossible choicelessness of modern prenatal care, the stories and poems in these pages give voice to the many heartaches of childbearing loss.

Unspoken includes the stories of non-birthing parents and family members, single and married writers, and writers of different genders, races, sexualities, and religious beliefs. Written to comfort those affected, and shared as a call to empathy for the rest of the world, this collection is an invitation to connection, where isolation has so often prevailed.

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