11: Claire Chitty, Maureen McSweeney & Susan Singer

“Am I a writer?”

Gently pull the threads of self doubt tied to all those who venture onto the empty page. Taste the sweet, summer juices of Hanover tomatoes and learn the ultimate recipe from a seasoned sandwich chef. Journey through the years as a mother persistently passes on troubling body image issues to her daughter. Feel the cool autumn breeze, vanquishing the summer heat. Listen to Life in 10 Minutes. Hear their stories.

Claire Chitty (aka C.E. Chitty) is based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK where she writes mainly horror, paranormal, and historical thriller fiction. Claire has written fiction and poetry for various websites, magazines, and anthologies. Her most recent publication, Ghastly Tales for Kids, is a collection of strange and weird stories for children that combine the styles of Aesop's fables and Edgar Allan Poe.

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