Podcast Internship

The L10 podcast is looking for an intern for the spring semester who will help us record and publish new podcast episodes. The intern should be a responsible and punctual human who has a passion for real stories and the heart to help people tell their truths. The internship will include mentorship from the podcast team and the intern will build the skills necessary to record, edit and publish podcast episodes as well as write podcast summaries and release notes.

The podcast is an audio extension of the beautiful work done by Valley Haggard and the teachers, writers, readers, and students behind the magic of Life in 10 Minutes. We invite everyone to share their stories in their own voice.

Life in 10 Minutes is a place to hear (and tell) stories that are brave and true, stories that will make you laugh and cry, stories that make you think and feel, stories with the power to help and heal.

Listening gives us access to differing perspectives, allowing us glimpses into our writers’ lives. Each episode is about 10 minutes long (cuz, ya' know), making it perfect for your morning commute or a delightful companion to meal preparation and household chores.

How it works:

Anyone can sign up for an appointment at lifein10minutes.com to come in and record 1-3 pieces of short, creative nonfiction. Ben sorts through the recordings and edits together ten-minute long story compilations, posting them to the website, podcast applications, and Life in 10 Minutes social media pages as often as he can.

It’s a wonderful and fulfilling experience, and it can be time-intensive! We’re looking for someone who can help keep track of online appointments, organize audio files and recording notes, and, ideally, learn to record and edit stories.


This is a new position and the responsibilities are flexible. It’s unpaid, but, not only will you learn new skills and get to work with wonderful people, there is also a thriving barter system available to L10 volunteers which includes free or heavily discounted classes and workshops!

Please send a letter of interest including any podcasting experience you might have to podcast@lifein10minutes.com.

Applications are due by Friday, Nov 30; an intern will be selected by Friday, Dec. 7. We're looking for at least a 3 month commitment to start, with the opportunity to continue if we are a good fit.