How do I get the best quality audio files? Try to find a quiet space, preferably a room with some furniture and/or wall hangings to muffle sound. You can use your phone or computer, just try to speak clearly, at a level volume, and keep the recording device at a consistent distance.

What format do you need the files to be in? Any format is fine. We are trying to encourage people to record videos of themselves (webcam or regular old selfie-style is totally fine) so that we can include more of these pieces directly on FB and Instagram. If you'd rather not do video, that is completely fine too.

If I decide to record a few pieces, do you need each piece in a separate file? Separate files for each piece is preferable for us.

Do you need any context on the pieces? No context needed. A few people have recorded short intros before their pieces, but we ended up not including those descriptions in the podcast as we've found it's better to just let the piece speak for itself. Two things that are helpful to include are your name and the title of the piece (if it has one) before each one.

Do you need a bio from me? Bios are helpful, but not necessary. If you have one already, feel free to send it. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

When do you need these files sent over to you? Anytime! We'll try to feature your story on a new episode within the next week or two.


Where do you do the recordings? Recordings are done at the Life in 10 Minutes Studio at 2707 W. Cary St, Richmond VA. One block east of Boulevard Avenue, you'll find our little two-story house. Street parking is a little tricky at times, so set aside a little extra time for that! Once you get to our Studio, relax on our outdoor benches or duck inside to wait in our reception room! We don’t have a receptionist, so hang tight and we’ll greet you as soon as we can!

What should I bring with me? It’s best if you bring along a printed or written copy of the piece you wish to read. It helps if the piece is all on one page and nicely organized so that you can read smoothly once you’ve settled in!

How long should my pieces be? Your pieces should be 2-4 minutes long. Try timing yourself on a practice read-through to make sure your pieces are an appropriate length. A practice read through is a great way to build confidence for your appointment too!

What should I do if I can’t find a time that fits my schedule? Recording schedules can vary from week to week but always fall on Monday - Friday from 9am-6pm. We try to post our availability two weeks in advance, so you can always check back at a later date! If our recording times don’t work for you, we’d still love to hear your story! We encourage you to try recording yourself and submitting your files with the Submit Recording option!