Wounded Healer


I had my astrological chart read this week by a spiritual guide I met in Mexico. He said that one of the major archetypes in my chart is that of the Wounded Healer. This rang true. The experiences I’ve had with addiction, chronic pain, miscarriage, and loss are some of the most precious gifts I have to bring to the table.

The teachers, writers, and guides I’ve loved most have been Wounded Healers, too. It is not the final draft I’m most interested in, but the many drafts it’s taken to get us here. When I was a teenager my goal in life was “to experience everything.” At 13 I told my mother I would not learn from her mistakes, I was going to learn from my own. Sometimes I’ve had to make the same mistake two or three thousand times before I’ve learned anything. But I have definitely learned the most from experiences that are hard won, that are my own.

As I set out to lead a retreat this weekend in the mountains of western Virginia, I’m happy to pack my heartache and co-dependency and fear of the unknown. The knotty unresolved tangles in my heart are good travel companions as much as I sometimes try to peel them off and leave them at home. They are parts of myself I can work with. I can show you how I work with them. I can learn from how you unravel and decode and unwind your own.

Valley HaggardComment