Give and Take


Two weeks ago today we moved into our new home. Since then I have taught a week of Richmond Young Writers’ summer camp, facilitated three days of Fire and Water adult summer camp and attended a three day intensive that culminated in one beautiful Shamanic Reiki Healing Master Practitioner certificate. I've gotten a cold, a charlie horse, a glass splinter, and a membership to Costco. I've interacted with the hunks from College Hunks Moving and Junk, brilliant teenagers, brave and intrepid writers, beloved friends, family members, shamans, ancestors, and spirit guides.

As I am more securely rooted in my body, in my home, and in this world, my need to help others feel more securely rooted in theirs grows. Learning to go more deeply within expands my ability and my need to reach out. Healing work does not stop when one person receives the benefits of healing. I hope to God I never get so comfortable I only consider my own comfort. I hope the healing work I done to me ripples out to others. This is my ongoing prayer: May my blessings bless others.

Last week instead of a blog post I started an online fundraiser for Sacred Heart where one of my best friends works and Henry volunteers at the summer camp. In honor of Life in 10 Minutes Press’ one year birthday, our press editor Elizabeth had the brilliant idea of donating 25% profit of online book sales to Sacred Heart for the month of July.

It is easy to feel hopeless in the madness of this world. It’s easy to become depleted by giving everything away or stuck by doing nothing at all. I’m trying to learn to walk the curvy, topsy turvy road of balance. Giving to myself so I will have the time, energy, money, healing, and resources to give away.

Valley HaggardComment