It's easy to be spiritual when you're in the middle of a three day Shamanic Reiki workshop eating deliciously prepared gourmet organic sweet potato kale souffle. Try being spiritual on the third hour of a customer service call to maintenance your HP printer.

It's easy to detach with love in an Alanon meeting. Try detaching with love when your husband continues to refuse to do what you tell him to do.

It's easy to be Zen about money when you always have plenty of it.

It's easy to feel the Goddess within when you're in a free flow dance class. How about when you’re trying on a bathing suit in the Target dressing room?

It’s easy to feel flexible and strong on a yoga mat but what about at midnight on moving day?

It's easy to be the bigger person when you have nothing to lose.

It's easy to feel all of your feelings when all of your feelings are at least pretty good.

It’s easy to recognize how blessed you are with first world problems until your AC, refrigerator, and washing machine all die on the same day.

It’s easy to say Easy Does It and Let Go and Let God in your morning meditation but what do you say when your toilet overflows with a volcanic explosion of raw sewage in your brand new basement?

It’s easy to lock yourself away and ignore the suffering of others until you and your loved ones are the ones suffering. It’s easy to judge someone else’s mistakes until you find you are making the exact same mistakes yourself. It’s easy to forget you can’t change the whole world but you can at least try to change some of the smaller, pettier, bitchier aspects of yourself.

I am trying to work my way towards total acceptance, peace, love, and enlightenment but my pesky humanness keeps getting in the fucking way. I’m trying to get better, but I have to go easy on myself.

Valley HaggardComment