Two weeks ago I sat on the unmade bed in my sun flooded loft in San Miguel de Allende. I just had one of those LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCES. I texted a friend, everything has to change.

I almost gave you some unsolicited advice, he texted back.

Go ahead, I said. There are those times I know I have to shut up and listen.

REMEMBER YOUR BOUNDARIES, he texted back and all of a sudden, I did. I felt myself rushing back in. I would not be divorcing my husband, leaving everything, and moving to Mexico. I would remember my boundaries which is exactly what I spent most of my life not doing.

Why I said yes when my body screamed no. Why I lost myself in other people’s shadows, why I got eclipsed by others people’s suns. Why I’ve felt feelings that were not mine to feel. Why I gave myself to unworthy masters, why all of my dreams turned into nightmares in the end.

I've been working on boundaries that are less like border walls and more like glossy, protective yolks. Less like a suit of armor and more like a space suit that allows you to travel, to breath, and to return safely home again.

Valley HaggardComment