I: Medusa

Photography by Wolfgang Jasper and Vrushali Lele, 3/18

Photography by Wolfgang Jasper and Vrushali Lele, 3/18

Once upon a time I wanted to be a good girl. Very, very good. Then I wanted to be a bad girl. Very, very bad. I wanted to be one without the other, without a clue I could be both or neither, how to be one, how to be whole. Good girls and bad girls are both lies, or at least just one shimmery sliver of mica severed from the deep, rich depth of the whole. 

Medusa's name was derived from the Greek metis, meaning feminine wile, but it also means ruler or queen. Medusa is thought to have been one of the last Earth Goddesses in a matriarchal society in harmony with the earth and sky or possibly a wild and beautiful woman in a masculine role leading an army against Perseus.* 

Medusa was at worship in Athena's temple when Poseidon, attracted by her beauty, entered the temple and seduced her. In a rage Athena transformed Medusa into a gorgon, turning her beautiful locks into venomous vipers and after that, with a single glance, Medusa not only turned men into stone, she rendered them impotent, castrating them, too. The warrior Perseus made it his mission to cut off Medusa's head, giving it to Athena, still writhing and deadly, to wield on her aegis as a weapon of war.* 

Medusa is earth goddess and man monster. She is power and pain. She is demonized, she is feared, she is revered. She is sex and death and woman. She is us and she is me, monster and muse seared together as one. I embrace my inner Medusa in this epic, painful, endless, beautiful journey of healing and becoming whole. All of it, the monster and the muse, the serpent and the goddess, rise up inside of me, not good or bad but earth and moon, life and death, rebirth, poison and its antidote, becoming one, becoming whole.

When Perseus slayed Medusa do you know who was born from the blood of her severed head? Pegasus, the divine winged horse and Champion of the Muses.  


**Thank you to my online sources: 

And, thank you to the amazingly talented and fun to work with duo, Wolfgang and Vrushali for  the most epic  photo shoot of my lifetime.  

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