Sun, Moon, and Monkey

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A few weeks ago the fire to adopt kittens burned me up like Edwina before she stole that baby in Raising Arizona. WE WILL GET KITTENS, I told my husband. END OF DISCUSSION. A trip to the pet store on animal rescue adoption day led not to kittens but a baby bearded dragon with a tank and enough equipment for an entire reptilian army. My son was in love. A baby lizard had stolen his heart FINE, I said. BUT I WILL NOT BE BUYING HIS CRICKETS. Of course, 2 days later, there I am at the pet store buying 50 stinky, creepy, hopping crickets tied up in a plastic bag, shaking them up with calcium until they look hopped up on cocaine and dropping them into the tank, cheering and chanting with pride and joy as Monkey the Bearded Dragon gobbles them up. Oh, the things you do for love. I had actually loved cold blooded creatures before, just none of them had been lizards, I thought, cracking myself up. As Monkey crawled over our hands and arms and shoulders and heads and necks with his little tiny claws and we petted his little tiny scales, my heart expanded just a few sizes bigger than it had been before. 

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But not even my love for Monkey could quench the fire of my desire (this is the ONLY time that rhyme will ever be OK) for kittens. And then I read the neighborhood newsletter. Four kittens abandoned at a house in the country free to a good home. And so, earlier this week, my son and I headed west on to meet our new family, because there was no doubt in our minds we were taking half of them home. On August 21, just a few hours after the solar eclipse, sister and brother, Sun and Moon, joined the Haggard clan. A few friends suggested I might be crazy.  Three animals in two weeks? But I knew I had to do what I had to do. All of this intensive inner work, marriage work, therapy work has created not only the ability to give extra love but to receive it, too. The sound of spilling water bowls, pottery crashing to the ground, and little feet racing through the house at 2 am brings me a deep sense of peace and joy. Even buying crickets in bulk now somehow makes me happy. And we all need full tanks of love, peace and joy to take beyond our cat, dog and lizard filled walls if we're going to survive the insanity the humans have created in this world at all.

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