Did Wonder Woman Have an Existential Crisis, Too?


Yesterday, one of my amazing students gave me a pair of Wonder Woman suspenders: "One Size Fits Most."  She said of all the people she knows, I'm the most likely to wear them. I haven't put them on yet but I'm flattered they made her think of me. 

Earlier this week, while stopped in traffic in Carytown, I caught eyes with a busker who started singing, Wonder Woman, the world is waiting for you.  We waved madly at each other as traffic began to move and I drove away.

I see Wonder Women in all the badass, beautiful women I know. But sometimes I have a hard time finding her in me.

This year has been more about digging, excavating, waiting and trudging than capturing bad guys in my invisible plane, although I do feel like I have captured myself in my very own Lasso of Truth. Discovering new, deeper layers is a raw, painful process. I'm between skins that fit. I'm between manuscripts. I'm between answers and directions and absolute proclamations.  

My tarot card reader said I'm on a Shadow Journey. That this is the year of Going Under. 

My nurse practitioner said I'm on a Hero's Journey. That I need to gather my forces around me.

Maybe Wonder Woman had an existential crisis or two of her own, too.  Maybe she needed the support of her Amazonian tribe to help her learn to love herself and believe in herself before she had the confidence to go out and conquer the world in a skintight, American flag onesie. For now, I'm going to go ahead and count on it.


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