Happy Birthday, Baby!

Last week, my presentation for Creative Mornings RVA,"Language: the Power of Words" was cancelled because of SNOWZILLA 2016. I was a) relieved because the very thought of standing up in front of 200 people in my actual body scared me to death and b) disappointed because I care about the power of words with a red hot passion. That night in the bath I realized that if the talk were to be rescheduled for the following Friday it would land on the one year anniversary of Life in 10 Minutes. And that made me extremely happy, as if it were meant to be. Because this little 10 minute baby sure has wowed me with both language and the power of words. 

365 days. 10 minutes at a time. You do the math! (Because I can't.) My initial equation went like this:  Two unique posts every weekday since this Friday last January minus the days I've only posted once plus the beginning when I posted a whole bunch minus that time I went on a trip... so I gave up on the numbers. But I'm sure they're impressive!

And then the Week That Time Ate began. I started into the storm with high ideals for the rejuvenating power of hibernation that pretty quickly degenerated into climbing the walls like a rabid animal. And I forgot to get anything powerful or life changing done at all, though I did get dressed once! And that was good. 

So, here's my last minute but heartfelt birthday card to the literary magazine website that is Life in 10 Minutes:

You are beautiful and ridiculous and vibrant and outrageous, just like all the best one year olds in the world. 

You are formed form people I know and love in my own backyard and strangers from across the country and around the world.

You are where I arrive in the morning right between rolling out of bed and rolling into my day, as invigorating as the coffee in hand. 

You give me hope that all of our crazy, discordant, hopeful voices can find some kind of harmony.

You are a gentle break from the world of rejection, failure, judgement and condemnation. 

You are a little peak at what actually is, and what can be.

Thank you, Life in 10 Minutes. Happy first birthday. And many, many more.


With special shout-outs of everlasting appreciation to VCU interns Gretchen Gales, Elizabeth Farschon and Farmwa Barra for their incredible work behind the scenes. 

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