Queen Chaos

(A Richmond Young Writer's Alter Ego)

Queen Chaos reigns and rules and then stomps on her reign and crosses out her rules. She inverts systems and destroys plans, erases legacies and  She is a tornado, a hurricane, the lava oozing and spewing out of the volcano, God's favorite natural disaster.

Queen Chaos feigns control but her brain is cotton candy. She rules with an iron fist but punches only at clouds and cotton ball babies. 

Queen Chaos reinvents the past and throws monkey wrenches into the future, dumps her files into dumpsters, grinds cheese puffs into carpets, throws bowling pins down wedding aisles. 

Queen Chaos is running for President of the Galaxy but she won't show up at the polls. She will rule in absentia. Her throne will be made of half-truths and tiny white lies. She will leave a will that no one can decipher.

She is happiest in traffic and long lines. She runs government agencies, intercepts mail, controls world clocks, winds them counterclockwise. 

Queen Chaos asks unanswerable questions, plants codes instead of seeds. She writes all of her letters backwards, addresses them to herself.

Queen Chaos dressed me this morning, hid my other sock, threw out the lids of my tupperware containers, told me my own story upside down. Invented new characters. Queen Chaos begs me to follow she but will not lead the way. 

Valley HaggardComment