Summer So Far in 10 Acts

 1)    On the day school let out I split my toenail on a wooden curb at the park, watched it bleed, tried unsuccessfully to scrub off the turquoise nail polish and let my husband super-glue the whole mess together.

2)     A tale of 3 watermelons: one was rotten, one was given away and one we’ll be living off of for the next few years.

3)      I am a Whole Foods/Ellwood Thompson’s poster girl in the morning (green smoothies, fresh fruit, organic latte, spirulina) and a white trash Food Lion cracker by night (potato chips, potato salad, tasty cake and frozen pizza out of the cardboard box).

4)      I consider my career a smashing success because I can now buy sunscreen without forfeiting the electric bill.

5)      I am continually waging war on and then making peace with my thighs, my underarms, my belly, my butt. I go to the pool, the river, the beach and remember the beautiful, buxom African American girl playing volleyball in her green bikini with joyful abandon and I choose a one piece that doesn’t come with a skirt or resemble a canvas potato sack, tentatively allowing my body to be just what it is.

6)      Parenting a 10 year old child is more fun than I ever knew it could be and still, already, there are long stretches of afternoon when we’re both bored to death, when we snap and fight, when we have to give each other space and grace and temporary time outs.

7)      Doing yoga, meditating, “running,” praying and going to 12 step meetings don’t suddenly become unnecessary just because it’s more difficult to figure out when and how to do them.

8)      In the river on Tuesday I wished the Mexican family grilling BBQ chicken would adopt us and that the sirens sunning on the rocks and the bride to be posing for pictures and my son floating above the fish and algae, taking it all in with his scuba mask and snorkel would freeze frame, crystallize, burn into my memory and become this summer forever.

9)  Each day, each week, each hour is different and if I try to plan it all out or predict what’s coming next I will squeeze the very summer life blood out of it. 

10) I will turn 40 in one month from today and I couldn't be more excited.  

Valley HaggardComment