10 Things About 2015

1. In 2015 I turned 40, celebrated 17 years of sobriety, 14 years of marriage and the 11th birthday of my son. As I've almost lost all of these things, I don't take any of them for granted.

2. It seems like everyone who reads my Facebook thinks I've had the best year of my life and everyone who reads my blog thinks I've had the worst.  I need a 3rd option that brings the two together. Perhaps in 2016 I'll start a  Flog. 

3. In 2015 I started or maintained about 18 different 12 step programs because that's how many it takes to keep me from destroying, sabotaging or undermining the most basic tenants of life and everything I hold dear.

4. Last week I made appointments with 2 different therapists. Being real, telling the truth, facing the past, taking responsibility for your life and making sense of the floor plan laid out in childhood every other thing has been built upon, ain't no damn joke.

5. A couple of months ago I accidentally self published  a book about writing (AKA "The Handout That Got Seriously Out of Hand) and everything that's come out of, because I had no expectations at all, has been absolutely beautiful.

6. The world outside seems to be falling apart while I'm doing everything I can to keep to keep the world inside together and it has been gently pointed out that I will be no good to the former without the latter, a hard, powerful lesson to learn.

7. I've been asked to do a couple of things next year that involve talking to a room occupied by more than 8 people and I am excited and scared and guessing this was God's answer to my request for creative rather than destructive risks because God knows how dearly I've loved building demented toys in the devil's workshop.

8.  As a Jewish girl with a menorah, a Christmas tree, one wreath made of pens and the other screwdrivers (thanks Mom and Henry!) I love referencing God and the Devil as if they are close, personal friends who feast at my table.

9. I am hard at work on my second book and one thing is very clear: writing and being encouraged to write by my parents my whole life long has not only enriched my life but saved it. Thank you mom and dad!

10. I don't know if this grand "10 minute at a time" experiment has been a grand success but I  know it has meant a whole lot to a few people and that means the world to me. 


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