Life in 10 Minute Podcast: Short Stories That Are Brave + True

With your host: Ben Krumwiede

Original music by Tim McCready

This podcast is an extension of the beautiful work done by Valley and everyone else behind the magic of Life in 10 Minutes. Here, we invite everyone to not only share their story, but to read it in their own voice. Listening gives us a different perspective on these wonderful, unique tales and gives us a glimpse into the writer's life. Each episode is 10 minutes long (cuz, ya' know), perfect for your morning commute or--if you're like me--a delightful companion to meal preparation and household chores. Life in 10 Minutes is a place to hear stories that are brave and true, stories that will make you laugh and cry, stories that make you think and feel, stories with the power to help and heal. 




Past Episodes


Ben Krumwiede

Ben Krumwiede has been a river rat, dirtbag, customer service drone, Boy Scout, teacher, mountain climber, guide, mentor, lov--anyway, now he's a podcaster. You can listen to him hem and haw with co-host Dominique James on Prose & Cons, a radio show/podcast he started at Richmond Independent Radio (97.3-LP fm) in 2017, or right here on L10! His philosophy for the Life in 10 Minutes podcast is simple: share great stories and try not to get in the way. He makes great guacamole.