Life in 10 Minutes Is Looking for an Intern!


As submissions to Life in 10 Minutes continue to increase, we are seeking an intern for 5 hours a week. Duties include:

-Minor website maintenance (no HTML required); posting daily submissions with tags
-Managing submissions; creating and maintaining a posting schedule
-Communicating with authors to let them know when their work will be published
-Transcribing written word to typed text
-Occasional marketing duties

We're looking for someone who is 18+, organized, responsible,and at least somewhat interested in creative nonfiction, publishing, or web development. This will be a telecommuting job with less than one hour a week in our Carytown office.

The internship will not pay you in dollars, however, it will pay you in recommendations, job experience, and good will! And you will be able to put on your resume that you played a critical role in the birth and growth of an innovative new web magazine.

Interested applicants should write for 10 minutes about why this job appeals to you and why it should be yours, and send it to You can also attach a resume if you want, but you don't have to and we might not even read it!

Send in applications by March 15th; applicant will be selected by March 30. We're looking for at least a 3 month commitment to start, with the opportunity to extend if the work requires it.

Valley HaggardComment