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Life in 10 Minutes Founder Valley Haggard speaking at  Creative Mornings: Richmond  (photo credit: Lauren Cronan - ).

Life in 10 Minutes Founder Valley Haggard speaking at Creative Mornings: Richmond (photo credit: Lauren Cronan -

Academic research shows that cultivating creativity and connection in the workplace drives better teamwork, higher employee engagement, increased morale, and improved efficiency.

When employees spend time together outside of the daily routine in a space where they can really listen to each others’ stories and share their own, their connection to each other blooms. In fact, studies show our brains release dopamine and oxytocin when we listen to each others’ stories.

Life in 10 Minutes partners with organizations to bring writing workshops into the workplace that help employees better understand themselves and their colleagues, essential drivers of job satisfaction, productivity, and successful collaboration.

Our workshops are based around writing, but participants do not need to be writers to benefit. Facilitators are highly skilled at coaxing creativity, connection, and empathy in writing form from people with all kinds of job functions in a safe and supportive environment. Our goal is not to teach people how to write better, it’s to teach people how to communicate, collaborate, and connect with one another.

Life in 10 Minutes workshops are perfect for groups of 8 to 50 people in these and many other situations:

  • Remote or distributed teams

  • Management or leadership groups

  • Training programs

  • Employee resource group gatherings

  • Post-merger teams

  • New hires

  • Corporate retreats and off-site meetings

  • Conferences and events



Valley gave a workshop for 20 of my direct marketing copywriters, and afterwards I heard many of them talk about how refreshing it was. This workshop gave them the chance to see writing in a different way, and to see their coworkers in a different way … and to feel supported as both writers and as employees. For some, it was a chance to learn more about each other than they knew before. In this way, Valley’s workshop offers both skill-building and team-building. For corporate creatives, it can be hard to find either of those, much less both! I highly recommend this experience!
— Anne Carson, Copy Manager, EAB
I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Valley Haggard when she provided a transformative writing workshop as part of a VCU health equity seminar series.  The workshop, delivered with her characteristic openness and gentle feedback, provided a rare opportunity for graduate level health science students at VCU to reflect upon and share their  experiences as current and future health care providers. Valley’s process is creative, engaging, and empowering and yielded unexpected and valuable insight to participants. I am eager to bring the experience to future students and faculty and would highly recommend Valley’s writing workshop for any level of education, profession, or group. 
— Dr. Patricia Carcaise-Edinboro 
VCU Spring 2018 Health Equity Implicit Bias lecture series
The Deacon Ministry at First Presbyterian church Richmond provides compassionate care to the members of our church and the community. We have many trainings throughout the year to equip us to be able to provide care. In the winter we offer a training that includes self care for the care giver. Valley Haggard lead this trading in 2018 and the impact was great. This was the first time some of our deacons had journaled. Many admitted to being nervous about the experience but commented on how safe Valley helped them feel. Tears were shed, laughter occurred and everyone left with a new way to tap into self care. 
— Mary Kay Collins | Associate Pastor for Congregational Life
First Presbyterian Church

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$1000 for a 3-hour session for 8-50 people

We are dedicated to working with non-profits and small businesses on pricing options.