We Want to Write

As writers, we are endlessly powerful. We travel through time, we conquer demons, we tell our truth, we grieve, we celebrate, and we create.

Writers of the “Skip the Small Talk” class were prompted to begin with the words “I want to write.” They laughed, they cried, and they embraced their truth.

May I have permission to grieve

May I allow the boys to be imperfect

May I forgive my body

May I ask my body to ask for forgiveness

May I look outwards again

May I remember I am not alone walking this path of loss and grief

May I feel gratitude

But may I also feel grief

May I see the winter sky in the morning

the darkness of the dawn

and go forward to meet the day without the panic and the fear that I will fail the day somehow

as if every day I'm on a stage and getting the boys to school is a performance that I need applause for

or I will be pulled off the stage and not be allowed to play the part of mother anymore

May I dissolve the stage

-Cat Ennis Sears

I want to write more about

Words hang in the air

some are butterflies

some eagles

some wolves with gnarled teeth

Words drape slumped shoulders

wander around my psyche

dare me to shout my truth

Use your words we tell little

children—their vocabularies limited—

to describe the sunrise, the pain

of her puppy’s death

Use your words

to bury sorrow, to feel joy.

-Marsha Owens

I want to write more about:


My place there


My place here

My struggle


Trying to find a way

Being lost


A path


Charting a path


A plan and

A life

Why I can’t love

My mother

Why I can’t think of

My father

-Lisa Loving

Skip the small talk is a workshop designed for female identifying writers who want to jump-start their writing process, get real, and go deep.

Whether you're a long time writer, a brand spankin' new writer, or have lost writing and long for its return, Skip the Small Talk mini-marathons will provide you with a compassionate and gentle shove in the write direction. Our next Skip the Small Talk Workshop is Friday, February 22. Find out more here.

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