Spring Reading Period


MARCH 1 - APRIL 12, 2019

Have you written a book that’s brave and true?

At Life in 10 Minutes Press, we are looking for manuscripts that feel brave, true, and complete. They can be totally form bending, a mix of genre, and experimental narrative styles. We want them to make us feel awake, alive, and in for an experience we couldn't get anywhere else. Typically our books will be as long as 80,000 words but we are flexible and will work as hard as we can with a book that we love.

The Process of the Reading Period

We want them to make us feel awake, alive, and in for an experience we couldn't get anywhere else..jpg

Our manuscripts are handed over blind to an anonymous reading committee made up of editors, teachers, artists, and writers. Our readers take several weeks to to each manuscript – how it makes them feel, if it's ready for publication and if it fits with our mission. Readers include thoughtful feedback about what they love within the book and what they felt isn't ready or working as well. Our authors are presented with a letter full of thoughts, feedback and impressions from their work. This reading process is unique because all of our readers are Life in 10 Minutes writers from the past and present. They understand what it's like to put your mind, heart, and soul on the page in such a vulnerable and open way. They are not professionals in the publishing business but they are artists passionate about the written word. 

to those considering a submission:

We were deeply honored with the opportunity to read manuscripts submitted during the previous reading. If you have written something that contains your bravest, truest stories and arranged them in a way that feels complete, you should submit your manuscript to the Life in 10 Minutes hybrid press!

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