Nine Lives: A Life in 10 Minutes Anthology
edited by Sarah Allen-Short and Valley Haggard

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(All proceeds from book sales will benefit the Richmond Young Writers
and Life in 10 Minutes scholarship funds!)

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Ten minutes is enough time to be born, get married, become a drunk, apologize in a grocery store, hate a vacation, watch the football team cry at lunch, fall in love with someone you shouldn’t, teach a Barbie yoga, find an unpaid internship in Syria, air your dirty laundry, die in a men’s halfway house in Mississippi, or change the course of your life forever.

9 Lives: A Life in 10 Minutes Anthology is a collection of 148 creative nonfiction pieces written ten minutes at a time by 121 professional authors and beginning writers from all over the world. Ten minutes is enough time to write something strange and beautiful and true without editing the strangeness and beauty and truth out of it. Each individual story is a stand-alone piece, but read them together and advance through the ages and stages of life, from birth to death, from our first breath to our last.

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Valley Haggard is the founder of Life in 10 Minutes and the author of
The Halfway House for Writers.

Sarah Allen-Short is a writer and teaches creative nonfiction classes for Life in 10 Minutes.

With very special thanks to:

Our reading/selection committee, the Fester Pressers: Anne Carle Carson, Elizabeth Ferris, Claire Lewis, Liza Kate, and Tim McCready. 

Sean McLaughlin for our gorgeous cover design and interior art. We love it.

The visionary students in the Robertson School of  Media and Culture at VCU for submitting so many incredible covers for our selection committee. It was tough to choose!

 Josh Smith for the interior design and layout. You are a beast + a magician!

Claire Lewis for her amazing copy editing prowess and mastery.

Bridget Camden for overseeing the entire design process, for connecting us to Sean and Josh. 

Ward Tefft, our publisher at Chop Suey Books Books and owner of Chop Suey Books in Carytown. You have been a supporter of Life in 10 Minutes since day one and your encouragement and enthusiasm means the world to us.

Life in 10 Minutes, founded in January 2015, has given voice to many hundreds of writers from all over the world . Click here to read our stories!

Thanks and congratulations to the following authors who have pieces included in the anthology:

Aileen R. McCready
Alexandra Duckworth
Ali Goldstein
Alicia Navon
Alyssa Sorresso
Alyssa Tyson
Amanda Stephan
Amanda Sue Creasy
Analeigh Eskin
Anjali Roka
Beth Kinghorn
Billie Southworth
Bird Cox
Black Liquid
Bride-Marie Baker
C.S. Schmidt
Camille Adams
Caroline Hoover
Cary York
Cate Fitt
Charles M. Aulino
Charlotte Samuels
Chastity Rodriguez-Hise
Christy Garrison Guise
Christy Schragal
Cindy Cunningham
Claudia Brookman
Denise Bennett
Donna Joyce
Dorothy Rice
Eliezer Sobel
Elizabeth Farschon
Elizabeth Gaucher
Emme Manning
Erin Levens Cundiff
Evie Safran
Gail Giewont'
Grace Ellen Hanna
Gretchen Gales
Harry Kollatz, Jr.
Hope Whitby
Iris Madelyn
Jean White
Jeanette Drake
Jenna Fox
Jennifer Hernandez
Jennifer James
Jennifer Jurlando
Jere Kittle
Joanell Serra, MFT
Joanna Lee
Joe Baumann
Josh Lefkowitz
Judy Melchiorre
Julie Anne Thorndyke
Julie Geen
Julie Linker
Kathleen Sams
Katya Cummins
Kim Drew Wright
Kim Usry
Krishanna Spencer
Krishna Prasad
Kristin Thomas Sanken
Laura Widener
Lauren Brown
Emme Manning
Leslie Lytle
Lin Phillips
Linda Laino
Lydia Galvin
Lynda Firth Raines
Lynda Levy
Madeleine McDonald
Madhubrata Bhattacharyya
Margaret Ozemet
Margaret Woody
Maria DePaul
Maria Jerinic
Marielle B. Siebers
Marika Pickett
Marsha Owens
Mary Carroll-Hackett
Mary Chandler
Mary Dang
Mary Jo McLaughin
Mary Pan
Melissa Face
Melissa Grossman
Melissa Hammack
Melissa Scott Sinclair
Michael Pyron
Michael Wallace Rice Jr.
Molly Hunter Korroch
Nilesh Mondal
Nora Pozzi
Paige Fulton
Patricia Smith
Phoebe Guider
Prerna Uppal
R.L. "Buddy" Hensley
Rachel Becker
Ren Martinez
Roberta Oster Sachs
Sara Rountrey Toombs Berger
Sarah Ochs
Sarah Vedomske
Sema Wray
Shloka Shankar
Stephanie Scott
Sunae Harket
Susan Howson
Taylor Winters
Terri Jackson
Therese Hak-Kuhn
Tom Jeter