Activist Notebook

by Henry Haggard

After giving a TED Talk in the fall of 2018, Henry Haggard decided to create the simple how-to-get-started-in-activism guide that he’d wished he’d had himself.

Convinced of the necessity of both the art and the science of activism, Henry helps individuals identify their strengths and turn them into action. He has used the ideas in the Activist Notebook to lead a Richmond Youth Peace summit workshop with the help of TAG RVA (the Teen Advocacy Group of Richmond), a group he created with friends.

The Activist Notebook is a direct and thought-provoking guide to both accessing your political passion and changing the world, one person at a time.


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The Activist Notebook is a great way to help everyone get socially and politically active in their communities while learning to understand concepts like teamwork and intersectionality.
— Stephanie Younger, activist, organizer, writer, and editor-in-chief of
Democracy is all about showing up and engaging with your community. Henry has grappled with what that means at a younger age than most. How cool that he put this book together to help the rest of us along!
— Schuyler VanValkenburg, Teacher and Member of VA House of Delegates, 72nd District


One-third of the proceeds from the Activist Notebook will be donated back to the community. When buying a copy or copies of the Activist Notebook at an in-person event or by emailing henryhaggard[at], you can select a color to match the organization you would like your purchase to support:

Red - Health Brigade (formerly Fan Free Clinic)
Orange - Sacred Heart
Yellow - Amnesty Richmond
Green - Richmond Peace Education Center
Blue - James River Association
Pink/Purple - Side By Side RVA

Packs of six purchased through contain one of each color and proceeds will be divided equally between the organizations.

Photo by  Steve Johnson  on  Unsplash


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HENRY HAGGARD is a civil liberties advocate, freelance journalist, political leader, and student based in Richmond, Virginia. 

In 2017, he got tired of sitting around, arguing on the internet, and decided to take action. He organized three fundraisers for the ACLU of Virginia, and launched a People Power campaign in his hometown. He was invited to attend the national ACLU conference this past year in appreciation for his work. 

One third of the funds generated from the sale of this guide will be directly applied to progressive advocacy efforts. 

Keep up with Henry at  

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