Life in 10 Minutes Press is a hybrid press showcasing work that is brave, beautiful, honest, raw, experimental, and vital.

At Life In 10 Minutes Press, we aim to bridge the gap between writers and publishing and promote the books we want to see in the world.

We are especially passionate about memoir by women and gender-nonconforming writers, nonfiction that challenges the status quo, and boundary-breaking books of all genres.

All books published with Life in 10 Minutes Press are carefully chosen to support our mission and reflect our commitment to promoting fresh, engaging, high-quality storytelling.

Hybrid Book Publishing

What makes hybrid publishing different from self-publishing or publishing with a traditional press?

True hybrid presses perform the same work as traditional presses, providing professional, high-quality editorial, design, production, and distribution services for your book. The main difference is that unlike a traditional press, with a hybrid press the author makes an upfront financial investment in their book and in exchange receives a larger (often much larger) share of the profits from book sales than they would with a traditional publishing house.

One of the main advantages of the hybrid model is that it allows presses to take risks on books they believe in, regardless of potential mass-market appeal. By submitting your manuscript to Life in 10 Minutes Press directly, you’re also able to find a home for your book without an agent.

Life in 10 Minutes takes our commitment to our authors seriously. We want you to feel part of the editorial and design process and know that we care about helping your book find its readers. Because we’re small and mission-driven, we bring individualized attention to each title and strive to include our authors in every step of the process.

Meet Our Press Team

Life In 10 Minutes | Valley Haggard | Nonfiction Writer | Writing Teacher | Author.jpg

Valley Haggard, Founder.

Valley always dreamed of growing up to be a famous reader. As the founder of Life in 10 Minutes she has achieved her life's goal, and then some. After telling one of her students that Life in 10 Minutes would love to help her publish her story, she texted the three wonder women editing, proofing, and laying out her own book: Claire, Elizabeth, and Llewellyn. Do you want to start a press? she asked. Within hours all three texted back YES, and Life in 10 Minutes Press was born. Valley is the chief cheerleader and champion launch party thrower. She can't wait to read, love, share, and celebrate your book.

Llewellyn  Hensley | Life In 10 Minutes Press | Book designer| Richmond VA | Book Publishing.png

Llewellyn Hensley,  Creative Director.

Llewellyn uses images, typography, and form to make beautiful vehicles for ideas. As creative director at Life in 10 Minutes Press, Llewellyn works with writers and editors to construct graphic design and book layouts that clarify stories, structures, and narrative content. Her combination of interests and experiences form a strong toolkit for thinking about space, hierarchy, and detail. Llewellyn is busting with excitement about designing the multiverse of projects at Life in 10 Minutes Press.

Elizabeth Ferris | Editor | Writer | Writing Classes | Richmond VA | Life In 10 Minutes.jpg

Elizabeth Ferris, Executive Editor.

As the executive editor of Life in 10 Minutes Press, Elizabeth oversees the the editorial, design, and production process for our books. She also likes to get her hands dirty with proofreading, copyediting, to-do-list making. Elizabeth’s perfect world is one in which every beautiful book has its birthday. She sees her work with Life in 10 Minutes Press as part of making that perfect world a reality.

Claire Lewis | Life In 10 Minutes | Valley Haggard | Proofreader | Editor | Writing Classes.png

Claire Lewis, Managing Editor.

As a managing editor at Life in 10 Minutes Press, Claire guides authors through the editorial, design, and production process. She also wrangles punctuation, perfects copy, and tries her best to keep her email inbox under control. Claire is honored to be a part of the Life in 10 Minutes team, and can't wait to help make your literary dreams come true.

One-on-One Writing and Editing Help

Writers with an idea for a book or a partially completed draft may be interested in working with Claire, Elizabeth, or Valley one-on-one. 

Don't be shy! Email us your questions.