I did not know my powers
and what I was capable of,
I knew there was a distant
figure of beauty who guided
me, who spoke to me from
beyond, and I wanted to believe

I was pushed out the door
at a young age and had to climb
for my life, the ropes were many
that tried to haunt me,
and the world wanted to chew me

You are a small town boy,
a class clown, a miracle deported,
an ugly mess, someone who
Should Not Be Here, and a dozen
or two thousand other small cuts,
scrapes, burns, and insults

I finally started listening to the voice
of a goddess, my Freya, who told me
what it was to be Odin, what it was
to wield a hammer, be a warrior
even open a bar, do something with
myself that was something

Something that would be and become
and grow to be more
Something that would give me
a strength inside, that same voice,
making me a telepath, or giving me
the ability to walk through walls

Who am I kidding? We do not need
such extravagances - all we need
is life, the ability to live it, the courage
to stand up and leave our homes
and enjoy our bedside table in between.


Wheeling, West Virginia