Swaddled in 500 thread count sheets
White and silky smooth but Restless, nonetheless
Sweating, squirming, writhing, dreaming of

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One Day...

One day, kids will be back with their families.
One day, the orange man in office will be impeached.
One day, there will be a way to stop the ice caps from melting.
One day, the KKK will be nothing but the laughing stock of history books.
One day, the Oval Office won't release news by way of Twitter rants.

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Multiple AuthorsComment
Fort McClellan, Alabama 1990

When I opened my eyes, a facemask obstructed my vision. 
Oxygen, pure as life, enervated me, and I turned. Because I could.
I could breathe,
whereas last I remembered, 
I was gasping, 
and no air came.
Wanton joy filled me, but I knew not to sit up,
as then,
horses’ hooves would descend upon my chest,
So I turned onto my side, 
taking tubes and facemask with me.

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Laura MahalComment
Darwin And The Alien

There was a knock on the door.
Darwin, at first, just ignored.
There were four knocks the second time.
Darwin thought opening the door might be fine.
He did this and what he saw made his jaw drop to the floor.

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Sasho RadoulovComment
Where I'm From

I'm from Arlington, Virginia, right across the river from Washington, D.C. You could walk to the end of my street and be able to see the National Mall, At least, that's what you would be able to do if there weren't so many trees blocking the view. The actual town wasn't particularly memorable to me, but I still recognize the same old CVS Pharmacy and Safeway, as well as my dad's hometown about ten minutes away, whenever I come to see my grandparents. While the proximity to Tyson's corner always made the area a hotspot, it's all far more built up now, prime real estate drawing office towers and traffic that the unprepared town buckles under. The only parts that really mattered to me were the little playground down the street and Sam's house, both of which are untouched.

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Connor MaloneyComment
Where I am from

I am from Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is known throughout the easter region of the US as a growing city, VCU, restaurants, the James River, and more. Yes, this is the place where I am from. However, I view Richmond differently than most people, most who have never even been to Richmond. This is the place where I was born, took my first steps, spoke my first words, and grew up. Richmond is the place where all of my family and friends live. It is the place where I have made thousands of good memories; memories that I will never forget. Richmond, to me, is a collection of different memories.

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Rachel BruceComment
Where I'm From

I am from a part of Richmond where leaves are never collected in the fall and pot holes are never filled. There is constant construction, but nothing ever seems to be completed. Roads are always closed, orange signs lay on the ground, and traffic cones are run over. 

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Georgia LeipoldComment
I won't mourn your death

I feel like a horrible person. I am in a waiting room at a hospital, hoping that my father dies on the table while having open heart surgery. Why? Most people who know him would say he was a stand-up guy. He provided for us, gave us things we needed and things we wanted. We had quality education, a car to drive, vacations every year. But I hate him on a level I cannot verbalize well.

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