Create Your Own Visual Journal
with Susan Singer

Saturday, June 2, 10-4
Sunday June 3, 1-5
$175 + $25 for materials



Spend the weekend creating a gorgeous journal full of just the papers you want for your creative endeavors - writing, drawing, collaging, list making - whatever you’re into! You’ll learn how to make a 128-page bound book with your spirit indelibly shining throughout it.




Visual Journaling
with Susan Singer

 6 Thursday evenings, June 7 - July 12
6:30 - 9 PM

Bring a store-bought journal or the one you made in class and fill it with all kinds of creativity. We’ll be writing, collaging, making vision boards, illuminating quotes, exploring possibilities, diving deep, playing with color, and more on this creative journey. Perfect for anyone who wants to explore and discover how beautiful their insides are. No art or writing experience whatsoever are necessary. It’s all about the process!


Kim Brundage Photography

Susan Singer

discovered her creativity when life handed her challenges and she needed a positive way to discover the lessons inherent in them. Since then she has learned to draw, paint, write and, most importantly, play in tandem with her muse. She began her first Visual Journal after a trip to Venice, Italy where she bought the most beautiful leather-bound journal she could imagine - but couldn’t allow herself to use because it was too perfect! She decided to make her own book using that one as a template and lauched herself on a process of making and filling journals ever since. Her favorite prompt when creating is “I wonder what would happen if I...” Susan is now a full time artist who shows her pastel landscapes and oil figure paintings all around the region and internationally. She has a MIS from VCU and teaches many different classes at Crossroads Art Center, the Visual Arts Center, and now, newly at Life in Ten Minutes.

Photo of Susan by Kim Brundage