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Share your 10 minutes of writing with me! How? Set a timer. Write for ten minutes, by hand without stopping. Type it up. Does it need an edit? Edit for 10 minutes. This is about the process of writing, of remembering, of spilling our guts, of looking within ourselves and our lives. It's not about perfect, polished sentences, morals or neat conclusions tied up in a bow. I love works that are surprising, deep, weird, funny, honest, bizarre, emotional, brave. Tell a story. Make a confession. Navel gaze. Self indulge. Get detailed. Push up against your comfort zone. Remember. Tell the truth. Go there. Go deeper. How will we know how much time you spent on your piece? Honor system! Intentionally inflammatory, racist, sexist, homophobic or animal-bashing material will not be accepted. Because, duh.

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By submitting this work to me you are telling me that it is YOUR OWN WORK, that you created it entirely yourself, and that you aren’t copying the work of someone else or infringing anyone else’s copyright which is a lowdown, sneaky thing to do. You are also agreeing to pay my legal fees and all other related expenses if someone sues me because they claim you copied their work. When you submit it you are also giving me permission to publish it on Life in 10 Minutes. You are also agreeing that I’m not going to pay you for this work in any way other than gratitude and joy. You aren’t going to get any money for it even if my website makes me rich & famous. You retain the right to publish your work anyplace else you want to, and in fact I hope you do but we will only remove it from our website if you are being attacked by wild dogs (not because someone else wants to publish your piece.) Don’t you dare defame, malign, insult, or be mean to anyone on this website. If anyone sues me because they claim you did, you are agreeing, by submitting your work, to pay all my expenses associated with that claim. * Notes or Comments
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