ReStory: ReWrite, ReSpeak, ReImagine Your Life.
Saturday, October 14
1-4 pm
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When you reshape the way you tell the stories of your life amazing things can happen.

 Positively reframe your personal narrative.
 Write for performance.
 Learn, or polish, the skills needed for successful, dynamic, storytelling.
 Get comfortable pushing through fear and self-doubt in order to discover what you are made of.

Through writing and storytelling, this workshop will focus on identifying aspects of self and experience that we tend to frame negatively. We will use intention and mindfulness to reframe the way we tell those stories to ourselves and others. Elements of self-discovery, mindfulness, effective storytelling, public speaking, and facing fears are at the core of this program.

Erin Mahone is an author, teacher, speaker, producer, and performing artist. She has learned from personal experience the immense power that comes from learning to ReStory how she envisions and expresses the experiences of her life. Erin’s first book, Life, Motherhood, and the Pursuit of Sanity, will be released in 2017 (Motivational Press). She also the creator of a one-woman show and subsequent song and storytelling series both called, It Runs in the Family; and the storytelling and photography series #IfYouCouldSeeMe which highlights the lives of individuals with mental health diagnoses recruiting them to share their own stories. Erin lives in Midlothian with her husband, three children, and a furbaby named Kismet.