Get real. Connect to your heart. Write your story.

Everyone has a story to tell, memories to capture, insights to explore, feelings to unpack. Gather your nearest and dearest- or most far flung- for a writing, reading and sharing experience unlike any other in the comfort of your own living room.  

Too often we get caught up in the chit chat that doesn't promote connecting with our best or deepest selves. Gather your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, book club or anyone else you'd like for a unique creative nonfiction experience that will help you explore below the surface of the every day into the pulsing heart of what matters most. 

Cost: A 2.5 hour featured stop on the Living Room Tour on a weekday or week night (Monday- Friday day) is $300. A weekend workshop (Fri evening-Sun) is $400. Whether you choose to you divide the cost among participants is entirely up to you.

Who: Five to ten participants are recommended but smaller or larger groups are certainly allowed.  

Books: Valley Haggard's books, The Halfway House for Writers ($12) and Nine Lives: A Life in 10 Minutes (C0-edited with Sarah Allen-Short, $15) will be available for purchase and sold separately.

Where: I'm so excited that I get to come to you! Additional fees may apply for residences further than thirty miles from central RVA.

Schedule: Email with "Living Room" in the subject line to schedule your Living Room Tour now.


Valley's living room workshop was one of the most intimate experiences I've had with my group of friends. Even in a room full of people I've known for most of my life, we learned new things about each other, laughed, cried and exposed our hearts in ways we never had before. I felt more clarity about the things that weigh on my mind than I'd ever been able to reach in a professional therapy session. Valley is wonderful, kind and a really special soul.

-Megan, Atlanta, GA

I’ve been taking Valley’s Life in 10 Minutes class for several months, and in true “show, don’t tell” spirit, I wanted to be able to share its magic with my friends in a way that was easier and less intimidating than encouraging people to commit to a full class session—which isn’t always realistic. But who can’t spare an evening with friends…and snacks? In a comfortable, familiar environment? So I decided to “throw it out there” on Facebook, to see who would come, and anyone who “liked” my post got an invitation. We had a great turnout — particularly for a summer night when half the world in on vacation — with 12 women piling in to my family room. Before the night of the Living Room Tour, every person expressed fear/terror/what-was-I-thinking; after the tour, every person affirmed that it was an amazing night. We laughed, we cried, we discovered, we bloomed. It was everything.

-Meridith, RVA