L10 Publishing Process



Authors interested in working with Life in 10 Minutes Press to publish their book should submit their completed manuscripts to the press during the posted reading period. All manuscripts are carefully read by our reading committee, which includes professional writers, editors, artists, musicians and dedicated L10 community members. Authors will be notified of acceptance decisions directly by our team.

At this time, Life in 10 Minutes Press is only able to publish already-completed manuscripts. If you have a work-in-progress, we'd be thrilled to help you in the process through our one-on-one services.


Editorial and Design

We’ve developed our editorial and design process to reflect the same care and dedication you’ve brought to completing your manuscript. Once your book has been accepted for publication by Life in 10 Minutes Press, you will get an email introducing you to your project manager, who will help guide you through the editorial and design process. Each book we publish receives professional copyediting by our in-house copyeditors, interior layout by our creative director, custom cover design, and post-layout proofreading. If you are interested in having original artwork designed for your book cover, your project manager will connect you with a talented artist and help facilitate the design process.


Production and Distribution

L10 Press titles are distributed through Ingram Publishing Services and printed through IngramSpark. Ingram is the world’s largest distributor of books. Representation by Ingram means your book is available for order by booksellers around the world. In addition, all L10 books are sold locally in Chop Suey Books in Richmond, Virginia.

Our book orders are fulfilled using IngramSpark’s print-on-demand (POD) services. When a bookstore or other vendor places an order for your book, IngramSpark will automatically print and ship your title directly to the seller. Authors may also place a bulk order for their book if they wish to sell them directly to readers either in-person or online. In this case, the author pays for the order and manages fulfillment for their sales. In exchange, the author will retain 100% of the net profits of their bulk-order books. Your project manager can help you decide if a bulk order is right for you.

All L10 titles are also made available as e-books. Our creative director will prepare and upload your e-book files as part of the production process, and e-books are available for your readers the same date your print book launches.



Life in 10 Minutes Press is committed to helping your book find its readers. We release our titles together as a seasonal cohort to maximize their reach. All our titles are promoted through the Life in 10 Minutes Project community and online platform, including the L10 Podcast. We also provide local media outreach for all our titles and help authors identify and apply to relevant awards and prizes. Life in 10 Minutes hosts book launch parties at our studio in Richmond, Virginia.

Your project manager will help you determine the best marketing strategy for your book, including referrals to outside book publicists.

The brass tacks...

Publishing through Life in 10 Minutes Press means your book receives the following:

  • Individual project management from acceptance through launch
  • Professional interior layout by our creative director for up to 80,000 words
  • Custom, full-color cover design
  • Management of custom cover artwork (optional)
  • Copyediting and proofreading for your book by at least two editors
  • E-book file conversion
  • Copyright filing and an ISBN for your book in the L10 family
  • Traditional distribution through Ingram Publishing Services
  • Sales locally at Chop Suey Books in Richmond, Virginia
  • Launch party and reading for your book at Life in 10 Minutes Studio
  • Marketing support to help your book find its readers

    TOTAL COST: $3,900